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Premium services

Fully Customizable
Project Boss is a fully customizable software solution design to meet all the needs of any business providing consulting services.

Global Solutions

With Project Boss being a cloud-based solution it can easily be scaled to address all the needs of a global enterprise with locations across the globe.

Online Tech Support

On Demand
Project Boss provides multiple levels of support to meet the needs of your organization: Phone, Email and Forums available.

Tiered Subscriptions

Scalable Solutions
Project Boss provides tiered solutions to handle anything from enterprise integrations with multiple locations to small business management.

Business Management

Made Simple

Project Boss manages the project data so that the team can manage the work. Developed by people who have been in the development and construction industry for over twenty years, this tool is specialized to deliver precisely what a project team needs. A reliable, easy to follow project database and tracker that is accessible to the entire project team.

we offer

imageFully Customization Turnkey Solution.

Project Boss is a fully custom project management software. With a state of the art custom interface we can easily build the software to fit the needs of your professional organization.


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We build our software to suit you instead of your business fitting the software

Buying off the shelf software requires you to change your business to fit the software. Our software is easily altered to fit your processes.

Welcome to Project Boss

image_1Business Management Simplified
Project Boss is a tool built by a Professional Service Enterprise for Professional Service Enterprises.

Project Boss was born from the need to solve a fundamental need for a software package that could be customized on the fly to meet the ever demanding needs that business face today in the fast paced world where the daily requirements and needs change constantly.


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  • Project Boss Launches June 1, 2016

    Project Boss is in it's final phases of production testing and will be launching on June 1, 2016. Be the first to sign up for a %50 discount for the first 12 months....

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